In his 38 years in the insurance industry Jim has managed a number of roles from Claims Adjudicator, Rehabilitation Counselor, Office Manager and his passion, Litigation Case Management. Through his career he has amassed a vast amount of experience in both Disability Claims Management and Litigation Management. He has managed litigation cases through to Trial, and has attended at Discovery and Mediation. Jim has instructed counsel at all these levels and was the instructing client on cases involving Subrogation along with cases involving subjective diagnosis.

Through numerous cases and trials Jim has honed his skills as a negotiator and a realist when it comes to reaching a resolution on difficult claims, both litigated and non-litigated.

Jim also developed the Subrogation Practice still in place with his former employer and has a clear understanding of this sometimes difficult to grasp subject. He has negotiated Subrogation repayments in a fair and equitable manner.

Jim is respected by his insurance colleagues, Plaintiff Counsel and Defence Counsel for his knowledge base, his honesty and his realistic approach to dispute resolution.


Jim created Craig Consulting Services as he saw the demand for someone with his specialized skills in this ever changing disability and litigation management market. Jim is dedicated to supplying a unique customer experience by utilizing his flexible approach to complex negotiations. One model does not fit all situations and customization for his clients needs are his priority.


Jim’s future plans are to grow Craig Consulting Services and to travel with his wife Joanne. They both love to travel and enjoy the warmth of the Caribbean sun and sand.